Computer Repairs

All computer repairs are undertaken as quickly as possible, we endeavour to repair your system onsite or in our workshop within 48 Hours without causing you any inconvenience, providing we have the components in stock. We understand the needs of our clients and know that to have your computer running efficiently is important for both homes and businesses.

Broadband Connections

Fibre Broadband isĀ faster and more reliable Internet connection, for some people setting up a Broadband Connection on your PC can sometimes be a bit confusing and tedious to the computer novice. We offer to set up your Broadband Connection for you with whichever service provider you choose.

Networks and Wireless Networks

Many homes and small businesses now have more than one PC running, and it can sometimes be frustrating when the file you need is on another PC or the kids are using the internet when you need to as well. The solution to this is Networking. By linking the PCs together means you can have access to another PC from your own, and with the advent of Broadband, it means you can surf the net on both PCs at the same time. This can be done by either a wired network or a wireless network.

Virus Removal

We offer a virus removal service at various levels, some viruses, if detected early, can be removed quite quickly and safely, others may take longer and can sometimes result in having to re-format your hard drive and then re-installing all your software.

Website Design

At Aquarius Dawn we offer fresh, innovative, and informative web sites that are easy to navigate and an asset to your business. Or, if you have an existing web site that needs up-dating, we can do that too. Creating an affordable web site for you is our priority; we offer a complete package of web design services, from design only to Shopping Carts, and we can arrange hosting and management. Our main purpose is to design websites that will attract attention, give a professional image and promote your business.