Welcome to Aquarius Dawn IT Solutions...

Aquarius Dawn is based in Seaford, East Sussex. With over 20 years experience in all aspects of computing,
from PC Repairs &  PC Upgrades to Building New Systems and Web Site Design.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and always respond to our clients needs quickly and professionally.
Our rates are very competitive and we will always quote you a price before commencing any work.
We can offer help and advice over the phone free of charge.

We offer vast range of services from

PC Repairs, PC Upgrades, PC Installations, Broadband Connections, Networks, Wireless Networks,
Virus Removal, Data Backups, Website Design and Shopping Carts.

Do you run a small business from home or small office?

Do you have problems in getting your computers set up properly? Are they always running slow?
Would you like to have all your computers sharing files and printers on a non-server network?
Would like to have all your files set to backup daily to a centralised storage device that you can access via internet?
Would you like to synchronise your email, appointments, calendars with desktop, smart phones, tablets?

At Aquarius Dawn we specialise in setting up IT for small businesses, we offer consultancy and solutions for all your IT requirements, to arrange an appointment or just advice
call Alan on 01323 - 891747 or 07792 - 539855