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We offer vast range of services from:

PC Repairs, PC Upgrades, PC Installations, Broadband Connections, Networks, Wireless Networks, Virus Removal, Data Backups,
Multimedia Systems, Website Design,
Shopping Carts, CD / DVD Duplication,
Home Recording Studio Setup, Software Installation,

If it plugs into a PC we can set it up

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Helpful Tips on PC Maintenance...

Always plug your PC into an Anti Surge Mains Protector Update your Anti Virus / Spyware Software and scan your system regularly for Viruses.

Check your system has the latest Windows updates download from Microsoft.com

Defragment your PC regularly this will help speed up your system when running slow.

Backup your data files and pictures regularly onto
CD's / DVD's Disc's (if your computer has a fault or virus they could be lost forever).

Keep all disc's, manuals, usernames, passwords, that came with the PC or have been used on the PC in a safe place where you know that you can find them, this will save you time and money if you have a problem and the PC needs to repaired.